Automotive retail is changing.  Gain the competitive advantage while you still can!

change concept

"If the pace of change on the outside is faster than the pace of change on the inside, the end is near." - Jack Welch

PRICING STRATEGY: Holding gross and making profit with a New Vehicle Market-Based pricing strategy.  It can be done.

SALES PROCESS: Increase productivity with a flexible and adaptive sales process.  Reduce wasted time, speed up the process, increase customer satisfaction and profits.

STAFFING STRUCTURE: Eliminate at least one layer of management and commission payout using one of three models.

  1. One person selling with Team Leaders
  2. Product Specialist and Sales Manager (who also does F&I)
  3. Sales Professional (who desk their own deals) and Finance Specialist

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Adapt Against A Background Of Change

DIGITAL RETAILING:  We're evolving from Internet Departments beyond Ecommerce to becoming true Digital Retailers.

Conversion: Are you getting all you can from all you get?  What about the 80% you're not closing?

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Selection: First the who, then the what.  Who are you bringing on your team and how?

High Performing Teams: Do your team members work together to ensure the entire team reaches it's goals?  Is the sum greater than the parts? Do you get results you never even dreamed of?

Development: Who is your next leader?  How are they being prepared?

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