Change is ... scary - thrilling - a rollercoaster

I'm going through some pretty dramatic change myself right now.  Deciding to leave a great job with a great company after 15 years on the leadership team at AutoNation, perhaps the best automotive retailer ever.  What was I thinking?  Why would I do that?

Times are good right now for the auto industry.  Times are good for Ken Gregson.  Good is the enemy of great.  There are some big changes coming to automotive retail.  Scary changes for many.  I could ride that rollercoaster in the comfort of the status quo or ...

I could take a leap of faith; expand my influence and impact across the nation, maybe even the globe.  Helping others, who perhaps don't have such a large support structure, navigate these turbulent waters.  

Now let's apply this to your business; the status quo is good, money is rolling in.  Why change the model?  We all know Customer expectations about how they shop and buy have already changed.  There are so many retailers racing to adapt, catch-up, hold on.  What's the competition going to do?  How long can I ride the old process?  More importantly; how can I remain highly profitable in the new reality?

That's what I want to be a part of; figuring out a new way of serving our Customers the way they want to be served.  Auto retail is changing; I want to be on the leading edge.  It's scary at the front of the rollercoaster.  You need someone you can trust to take that ride with you.

Call me.