Advancing the Sale - Virtually and Literally - the new automotive ecommerce process

One of the best automotive ecommerce sales professionals I've met told me a few years ago "Ken, I just can't follow your 10-step sales process anymore.  I know two things that remain true in sales:

  1. The further I can bring the customer down the sales path the more likely I get the sale
  2. The more time a customer invest with me the more likely I get the sale"

In today's world it doesn't matter if the customer is in the store or not.  Gone are the days when a sales manager should say "just get them in." Of course this funny video shows there may still be some out there somewhere. Most sales managers today will be happy to do a sight unseen trade appraisal, when they have to, or to send payments to a customer, if needed.

Technology advances from many vendors are putting this power in the hands of the customers.  Just take a look at these offerings from  Here's what we know is coming from several vendors.

  • Accurate online monthly payments
  • Instant guaranteed trade-in offers
  • Preapproved financing
  • Reserving the vehicle
  • Even F&I product options

The stores that will win in the future are those that empower their sales associates to proactively use these tools to ADVANCE THE SALE regardless of whether or not the customer is in the store.  Training and encouraging their associates to enable the customer to do more of the sale before they get to the store.  Here's a graphic that illustrates this Customer driven sales processAnd another that illustrates how it fits into the ecommerce process.  This has so many advantages:

  • Faster process once they arrive
  • Increasing productivity of associates
  • Increase customer and employee satisfaction
  • Higher F&I PVRs
  • Reduced turnover
  • Attracting forward thinking top talent

The question is do you have the Strategy, Process and Training to help you get there?  We can help.  Call us at 800-851-1584