Disruption at Learning 2015 with Elliott Masie - Day 1

Disruption:  The night was about disruption.  Right off the bat Elliot makes a statement I'll paraphrase that strikes me; "The learner is changing faster and learning faster than we as learning professionals are keeping up."  It reminds me of my favorite Jack Welch quote; "If the change on the outside is faster than the change on the inside the end is near."

Sabrina Kay, the CEO of Fremont College then takes the stage.  What an amazing woman!  Google her.  Of the many disruptive things she talks about one of them is; "Knowledge is not important anymore.  Knowledge is free. It's accessible everywhere easily."  Learning professionals used to be the knowledge experts, now it's about knowledge curation.  How to make the knowledge easily accessible/findable in the workplace.  Think search on YouTube.

Sabrina says the difference between entrepreneurs and dreamers is simply execution.  Entrepreneurs are doers.  All the ideas are not new, it's the one who executes on the idea that wins.  Real leaders are supposed to be inspiring others to do good work to change the world.  She is.

Kimo Kippen, the CLO for Hilton Worldwide, is leading learning for over 300,000 team members in 97 countries!  He talks about the informal, social and terribly personal trajectory of learning.  If learners can get whatever knowledge they want, whenever they want it, on Google and YouTube; they expect us to deliver our learning the same way.  Personal, what they need, when they need it.  Not one-size fits all.  And in their smartphones.

Kimo also makes another great point I love; "Friends don't let friends drive with PowerPoint.  Old, but a pet peeve of mine.  How many learning professionals still hold onto using PowerPoint too often?  Nothing says you're out of date more than using lotsof PowerPoint slides.

Doug Lynch from USC and EdTech then comes up and tells us how far behind we are compared to even k-12 with using technology in learning.  And compared to higher-ed we're in the stone age.  He's trying to start an initiative to take EdTech from the schools to the workplace.  Doug challenged us to think of apps that need to be built to help workers.  I though an app for supervisors/managers to see a quick point or two or a video of how to have a difficult conversation.  An employee who's late frequently, someone who's not pulling their weight, a fellow manager is showing favoritism, etc. etc.

This was just opening night.  The next three days are going to be a fire hose.  Those who execute will win.

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