eCommerce Retail

Management                                                         The data from a significant amount of research (>200 stores + >1,000,000 eLeads) reinforces the following key points;

  1. You must have one of the best sales managers assigned to, responsible and accountable for ecommerce sales performance
  2. They must have at least equal authority and capabilities of all the sales managers
  3. The entire sales management team needs to be knowledgeable of and engaged in supporting ecommerce sales

Ecommerce sales process                                        There are three key elements that we have clearly defined;

  1. Advancing the Sale
  2. Driving Visits
  3. Improving Visit Close

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Technology                                                            Making the most of today's technology.  How do keep up?:

  1. Texting
  2. Videos
  3. Keeping up with the changes and what's new

Traffic Management                                               We'll help you make the most of what you're already getting;

  1. CRM utilization
  2. Follow-up process
  3. Daily planners
  4. Equity tool utilization

Troubleshooting Underperformance                How to quickly, efficiently and effectively drive improved performance;

  1. What are the right key metrics to focus on?
  2. Which specific behaviors drive those metrics?
  3. Which levers will produce the best results?

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Ecommerce Staffing                                             The staffing structure is not as critical to successful performance as the management structure.  After a significant amount of research the data has proven, with the right management,  you can be successful with any of these models.  They are listed in the order of highest probability of success.

  1. Professional ecommerce sales associates who handle the lead from beginning to end
  2. A hybrid of #1 and some part-time appointment setters during peak times
  3. Appointment setters who pick-up the lead and make contact setting appointments
  4. An open floor where all sales associates handle all types of traffic

Sales Calls Staffing Structure                               The best staffing structure depends on the store's volume of sales calls as well as other factors; we have experience driving results with each:

  1. Full BDC with a dedicated Business Development Manager and Appointment Setters
  2. A hybrid of #1 with some appointment setters and sales associates being scheduled time in the BDC
  3. Dedicated phone stations near the sales managers with trained and certified sales associates being scheduled on a rotation basis to handle sales calls

BDC Operations                                                       Turn more sales calls into sales.  This is what we can help you with:

  1. Selecting the right structure for the store
  2. Selecting the right manager
  3. Establishing process and reporting
  4. Selecting the team
  5. Training and certification
  6. Ongoing management and maintenance

Sales Operations                                                      Click here to learn how we can help you maintain profitability in today's transparent and margin-compressed marketplace

Leadership Development                                   Click here to learn how we can help you grow the absolute best leadership team.

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