Leadership Development

Leading Through Change                                  Auto retailing will continue to go through significant change now and in the coming years.  New technologies, new retail models, changing customer expectations, changing roles and a changing workforce will make the managers role ever more challenging.  We use a simple, yet powerful Head, Hearts, Hands approach to helping managers lead themselves and their teams through change.

High Performing Teams                                        We help leaders learn how to get more from their collective team than ever before.  A complete blueprint on how to build true high performing teams that exceed all expectations.

Coaching Skills                                                       With the Sales Manager's role changing from a "desk Manager" to a team leader we give them the skills to make their coaching extremely effective.

Interviewing Skills                                                  The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.  We help managers learn to use behavior-based interviewing to identify actual behavior the candidate displayed in situations common for their role.

Time Management                                               We'll help your entire team be more organized and productive using Steve Covey's 5 Choices of Time Management:

  1. Act on the Important - don't react to the urgent
  2. Go for the Extraordinary - don't settle for ordinary
  3. Schedule the Big Rocks - don't sort the gravel
  4. Rule Your Technology - don't let it rule you
  5. Fuel Your Fire - don't burn out

General Manager Academy                                Four 3-day sessions; one per quarter.  Available in-market to select dealer groups;

  1. Leadership
  2. Fixed Operations
  3. Variable Operations
  4. Finance

Ecommerce Manager Academy                         Three 2-day sessions; one every other month.  Available in-market to select dealer groups

  1. People
  2. Process
  3. Performance

Sales Manager Academy                                  Three 2-day sessions; one every other month.  Available in-market to select dealer groups.

  1. Adapting to Today's Customer
  2. Building Your Team
  3. Leadership

Business Development Manager Academy Extensive program coming soon.

Used Vehicle Manager Academy               Extensive program coming later in 2016. 

Learning & Performance                                    Click here to learn how we can help you create a learning culture within your organization, taking your team's performance to all new levels.

Sales Operations                                                      Click here to learn how we can help you maintain profitability in today's transparent and margin-compressed marketplace

Ecommerce Retail                                                 Click here to learn how we can help drive record ecommerce and phone sales results.