Sales Operations

New Vehicle Pricing                                          Choose a strategy for walk-ins, ecommerce, phones, website display.  Use your own data, third party and competitive information.  Communicate that strategy to the entire team.  Install process and expectations to execute that strategy.  Establish reporting and checks to hold the team accountable.

Sales Process                                                             Today's customers are doing more and more online before they come to the store.  Your process needs to be flexible to meet them where they are in the buying process not make them start over in a decades old 10-step sales process.  Is your sales team capable of, and empowered to use a flexible sales process?  Have they been trained how to adapt to the different expectations of today's customers?

Staffing Structure                                Commissioned sales associates, salary-based with performance bonuses, product specialists, "geniuses", appointment setters; one-person, two person, or the traditional three.  So many choices and things to think about.  Risks with making changes.  If what you're doing currently is not working we can help you decide how to change with the least disruption and the greatest likelihood of success.


Negotiation Process                                                  In today's transparent and margin compressed environment you cannot afford to simply do the best you can on each individual deal, one customer at a time.  You need to have a specific process for your team that maintains gross, customer loyalty and increases productivity.  A faster process with better close rates and more predictable PVRs. 

Sales Management                                                The role of the sales manager is changing from a "desk manager" to a leader who can build and develop high performing sales teams.  Do you have a clearly defines success profile to help select and develop your management team?  Is your entire management team adequately trained and prepared to maximize opportunities in today's environment?

eCommerce Retail

Management                                                         The data from a significant amount of research reinforces the following key points;

  1. You must have one of the best sales managers assigned to, responsible and accountable for ecommerce sales performance
  2. They must have at least equal authority and capabilities of all the sales managers
  3. The entire sales management team needs to be knowledgeable of and engaged in supporting ecommerce sales

Ecommerce sales process                                        There are three key elements that we have clearly defined;

  1. Advancing the Sale
  2. Driving Visits
  3. Improving Visit Close

Technology                                                            Making the most of today's technology.  How do keep up?:

  1. Texting
  2. Videos
  3. Keeping up with the changes and what's new

Traffic Management                                               We'll help you make the most of what you're already getting;

  1. CRM utilization
  2. Follow-up process
  3. Daily planners
  4. Equity tool utilization

Troubleshooting Underperformance                How to quickly, efficiently and effectively drive improved performance;

  1. What are the right key metrics to focus on?
  2. Which specific behaviors drive those metrics?
  3. Which levers will produce the best results?

Ecommerce Staffing                                             The staffing structure is not as critical to successful performance as the management structure.  After a significant amount of research the data has proven, with the right management,  you can be successful with any of these models.  They are listed in the order of highest probability of success.

  1. Professional ecommerce sales associates who handle the lead from beginning to end
  2. A hybrid of #1 and some part-time appointment setters during peak times
  3. Appointment setters who pick-up the lead and make contact setting appointments
  4. An open floor where all sales associates handle all types of traffic

Sales Calls Staffing Structure                               The best staffing structure depends on the store's volume of sales calls as well as other factors; we have experience driving results with each:

  1. Full BDC with a dedicated Business Development Manager and Appointment Setters
  2. A hybrid of #1 with some appointment setters and sales associates being scheduled time in the BDC
  3. Dedicated phone stations near the sales managers with trained and certified sales associates being scheduled on a rotation basis to handle sales calls

BDC Operations                                                       Turn more sales calls into sales.  This is what we can help you with:

  1. Selecting the right structure for the store
  2. Selecting the right manager
  3. Establishing process and reporting
  4. Selecting the team
  5. Training and certification
  6. Ongoing management and maintenance


Leadership Development

Leading Through Change                                  Auto retailing will continue to go through significant change now and in the coming years.  New technologies, new retail models, changing customer expectations, changing roles and a changing workforce will make the managers role ever more challenging.  We use a simple, yet powerful Head, Hearts, Hands approach to helping managers lead themselves and their teams through change.

High Performing Teams                                        Based on Patrick Lencioni's The Five Dysfunctions of a Team we help leaders learn how to get more from their collective team than ever before

Coaching Skills                                                       With the Sales Manager's role changing from a "desk Manager" to a team leader we give them the skills to make their coaching extremely effective.

Interviewing Skills                                                  The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.  We help managers learn to use behavior-based interviewing to identify actual behavior the candidate displayed in situations common for their role.

Time Management                                               We'll help your entire team be more organized and productive using Steve Covey's 5 Choices of Time Management:

  1. Act on the Important - don't react to the urgent
  2. Go for the Extraordinary - don't settle for ordinary
  3. Schedule the Big Rocks - don't sort the gravel
  4. Rule Your Technology - don't let it rule you
  5. Fuel Your Fire - don't burn out

General Manager Academy                                Four 3-day sessions; one per quarter.  Available in-market to select dealer groups;

  1. Leadership
  2. Fixed Operations
  3. Variable Operations
  4. Finance

Ecommerce Manager Academy                         Three 2-day sessions; one every other month.  Available in-market to select dealer groups

  1. People
  2. Process
  3. Performance

Sales Manager Academy                                  Three 2-day sessions; one every other month.  Available in-market to select dealer groups.

  1. Adapting to Today's Customer
  2. Building Your Team
  3. Leadership

Business Development Manager                          Extensive program coming soon.

Used Vehicle Manager                                 Extensive program coming later in 2016. 

Learning & Performance

We Don't Do Training - We Facilitate Learning

  • Training is something done to you
  • Learning is something you do for myself
  • Training is "required"
  • Learning is OPTIONAL
  • Training is an event/course you complete
  • Learning is ongoing and never-ending

Learning Strategy                                                 This is just as important as any operational strategy you have if you want to be a learning organization, leveraging the talent you already have within your teams; consistently improving and fostering creative ideas for growth.  Deciding how you will achieve this learning culture is critical to lasting success.

Performance Improvement                                When team members are underperforming or the business is not getting the results you want, training is rarely the best solution to improving performance.  First let's look at the following:

  • Rewards and recognitions both formal and more importantly informal
  • Consequences; what to people get in trouble for? What to they fear? Do you really know?
  • Compensation; does it drive the right or wrong behaviors?
  • Roadblocks; technical, procedural, human
  • Management engagement
  • Employee engagement

Learning Design                                                     What method, or more frequently blend of methods, are right for what you're trying to achieve?  We craft curriculums based on each need.

  • Mobile learning
  • Social peer-to-peer best practice sharing
  • Video learning
  • Instructor-led training either live or virtually
  • On-the-Job training / shadowing / mentoring
  • Performance support
  • Online On-Demand learning
  • Advanced simulations
  • Game-based learning

Selecting a Learning Solution Partner                   Expertise in creating learning & development RFPs, vendor selection, learning project management

Learning Development                                           All training developed is 100% learner-centric.  We get top performers to help design and develop; they are much more than simply Subject Matter Experts.  It's real and it's relevant.

Learning Delivery                                                   We don't do stage shows or put on a performance, any live facilitation we do is all about the learner:

  • Participatory learning activities
  • Facilitating peer-to-peer learning
  • Guided discovery; getting the learner to figure it out for themselves