Learning & Performance

We Don't Do Training - We Facilitate Learning

  • Training is something done to you
  • Learning is something I do for myself
  • Training is "required"
  • Learning is OPTIONAL
  • Training is an event/course you complete
  • Learning is ongoing and never-ending

Learning Strategy                                                 This is just as important as any operational strategy you have if you want to be a learning organization, leveraging the talent you already have within your teams; consistently improving and fostering creative ideas for growth.  Deciding how you will achieve this learning culture is critical to lasting success.

Performance Improvement                                When team members are underperforming or the business is not getting the results you want, training is rarely the best solution to improving performance.  First let's look at the following:

  • Rewards and recognitions both formal and more importantly informal
  • Consequences; what to people get in trouble for? What to they fear? Do you really know?
  • Compensation; does it drive the right or wrong behaviors?
  • Roadblocks; technical, procedural, human
  • Management engagement
  • Employee engagement

Learning Design                                                     What method, or more frequently blend of methods, are right for what you're trying to achieve?  We craft curriculums based on each need.

  • Mobile learning
  • Social peer-to-peer best practice sharing
  • Video learning
  • Instructor-led training either live or virtually
  • On-the-Job training / shadowing / mentoring
  • Performance support
  • Online On-Demand learning
  • Advanced simulations
  • Game-based learning

Selecting a Learning Solution Partner                   Expertise in creating learning & development RFPs, vendor selection, learning project management

Learning Development                                           All training developed is 100% learner-centric.  We get top performers to help design and develop; they are much more than simply Subject Matter Experts.  It's real and it's relevant.

Learning Delivery                                                   We don't do stage shows or put on a performance, any live facilitation we do is all about the learner:

  • Participatory learning activities
  • Facilitating peer-to-peer learning
  • Guided discovery; getting the learner to figure it out for themselves

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