Here are three case studies and the results achieved

Changing an Industry

Ken was one of the key Sales Operations business leaders collaborating Strategy, IT, Marketing and Field Leadership teams to design, develop and implement at transformative buying process called AutoNation Express.

The Customers going through this process converted at over three times the average eCommerce Customer.  Cutting their time in the store in half and improving Associate productivity by 300% on these leads.

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eCom YOY Records


At the right time, after 6 years of record YOY performance Ken's team was directly responsible for;  (eCommerce sales conversion rates had improved 46%; from 6.7% at the end of 2006 to 9.8% at the end of 2012 resulting in 31,000 incremental sales per year.)

In 2013 Ken initiated a complete redesign of the eCommerce sales process and all the related training. Successfully building the business case for the addition of an eCommerce business leader. Keeping the J curve to less than one year; resulting YOY performance records in 2014 & 15



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Ken’s team transformed learning at AutoNation from a push down, one-size fits all instructor-led training culture to a personalized blend of advanced eLearning simulations, mobile and social learning; cutting classroom time by 50%

Time to average productivity for new Sales Associates improved 33% from 9 months to 6

Overall Sales Associate productivity increased 10% from 8.7 units per person per month to 9.5; requiring 400 less Sales Associates to achieve our average 500,000 sales per year.

Sales opportunity conversion rates improved 13% from 15.2% to 17.2%. 60,000 incremental sales per year on over 3,000,000 opportunities

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