Sales Operations

New Vehicle Pricing                                          Choose a strategy for walk-ins, ecommerce, phones, website display.  Use your own data, third party and competitive information.  Communicate that strategy to the entire team.  Install process and expectations to execute that strategy.  Establish reporting and checks to hold the team accountable.

Sales Process                                                             Today's customers are doing more and more online before they come to the store.  Your process needs to be flexible to meet them where they are in the buying process not make them start over in a decades old 10-step sales process.  Is your sales team capable of, and empowered to use a flexible sales process?  Have they been trained how to adapt to the different expectations of today's customers?

Staffing Structure                                Commissioned sales associates, salary-based with performance bonuses, product specialists, "geniuses", appointment setters; one-person, two person, or the traditional three.  So many choices and things to think about.  Risks with making changes.  If what you're doing currently is not working we can help you decide how to change with the least disruption and the greatest likelihood of success.


Negotiation Process                                                  In today's transparent and margin compressed environment you cannot afford to simply do the best you can on each individual deal, one customer at a time.  You need to have a specific process for your team that maintains gross, customer loyalty and increases productivity.  A faster process with better close rates and more predictable PVRs. 

Sales Management                                                The role of the sales manager is changing from a "desk manager" to a leader who can build and develop high performing sales teams.  Do you have a clearly defines success profile to help select and develop your management team?  Is your entire management team adequately trained and prepared to maximize opportunities in today's environment?

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